The Mempack Monthly – April 2017

Steam Trains and 1920s

After an absence of 12 months, we will shortly have the revamped Steam Trains pack, along with 1920s, back on board. When a title needs to be reprinted this is the time for improvements to be made to both contents and header card.

[image of both headers]

The Cavern Club

Last year we were commissioned by the owners of the legendary Cavern Club to create a bespoke memorabilia pack to celebrate the venue’s 60th anniversary.
Fortunately the club have a vast archive department, so the project was a pleasure to do. The owners are delighted with the product, and it should be on sale later in the year via their website.

[photo and link required]

New stockists

We are delighted to welcome the following as current stockists, and they will now be added to our interactive stockist map.

Tudor House, Worcester
Dog and Bone, York
Dean Heritage Centre, Soudley
New Lanark World Heritage Centre

Point of Sale

Space is a key issue in any gift shop, so we can help with the display of our products. Most shops have the packs displayed on slatted walls with simple “euro hooks”. However, for larger shops we can supply a bespoke spinner stand which can house over 100 replica packs.
We are looking at new “point of sale” stands to house the smaller items, such as booklets, ration books, etc.
For more information on these simply email us:


We are often asked which packs sell the most, and this really depends on the nature of the shop. For example, you would expect the Imperial War Museum to sell more wartime titles. Nevertheless, the following titles always sell well:-

Home Front
Children’s War
First World War
1960s Childhood.

New Titles

A number of projects are in the pipeline, and we are always looking for new ideas.
In particular we are looking into a pack which concentrates on London, such as London Tourism. However, the title is perhaps too vague. Any ideas?

Under the Magnifying Glass [picture of magnified image]

There are many hidden gems in each of our replica packs, and each week we will try to highlight one. This month it’s from the Victorian Household pack. It is a pink flyer offering quack medicine called Carbolic Smoke Ball. Who has ever heard of “Throat Deafness”? [image of pink smoke ball]