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Replica Packs

(Trade price £2.70, RRP £5.95)

World War I Contains: Diary of the War, Patriotic Pledge card, "Enlist poster", collection of postcards and images, medical report, Warr Illustrated magazine, Zeppelin booklet and Air Raid instructions. (£2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   Victorian Household Contains: Exchange and Mart newspaper, servants licence, carbolic smoke leaflet, household furnishings brochure, Water Purification booklet, Gas lighting advert, cabinet makers invoice plus selection of advertising cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
Suffragettes Contains: Votes for Women newspaper, membership card, 1911 poster, jail letter, Buckingham Palace flier, bail notice, propaganda pamphlet, Hyde Pk. programme, miscellaneous images £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   Roaring 1920s Contains: Etiquette booklet, fashion and health leaflets, theatre and dance programmes, travel invoice, pianists vamping chart and miscellaneous card £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
The Garden Contains: Lawnmower brochures, Garden Work newspaper, 'Kilzall'
pesticide flyer, "In your garden" leaflet, Woolworth's booklet,
miscellaneous ephemera and trade cards
£2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   Steam Trains


Contains: Royal Scot leaflet, Glasgow to Oban booklet, various handbills, lunch menu, LNER speed tables, stylish travel poster, miscellaneous images and ephemera plus a colourful collection of trade cards.

£2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
Motoring Contains: Autocar magazine, Road users Guide from the 30s,Have a care booklet, variety of motoring ephemera, tax disc, petrol coupons, advertising images & cigarette cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   1950s Household Contains: Ration Book, Radio Rentals brochure, More fun with your food booklet, Hygena Kitchen pamphlet, Ponting's fashion catalogue, More glass in your home brochure, miscellaneous ephemera and a selection of 1950s household names cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
1960s Childhood Contains: Ellisdons novelty catalogue, Beatles ticket, Fleetway Annuals brochure, toy leaflets including Action Man, Lego and Sindy, school report and essay, tricycle flyer and miscellaneous trade cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   1970s Childhood contains: Superstar magazine, Argos catalogue,EMI cinema preview, Rediffusion TV leaflet, Viewmaster leaflet, Subbuteo pamphlet, concert tickets, panto flyers, postcards and TV card images £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
Titanic Contains: Daily Graphic newspaper, advertising flyers, sheet music, dinner menus, Passenger booklet, assorted paperwork, distress telegram plus miscellaneous images and cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)        
Christmas Past
Contains: Playtime comic (1929) Panto programmes, Gift catalogue, Christmas day TV listings (1973), Victorian Pocket Keepsake, plus miscellaneous images and cards
£2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   Beatlemania Contains: Four Beatles booklets stuffed with photos and stats, fan club paperwork, concert handbills, 1963 programme, Cavern Club booklet, mixed ephemera plus a collection of bubble gum cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
The Blitz

Contains: general advice leaflets, ARP booklet, body tag, Air Raid warden's letter, anti gas alarm card, fire precaution leaflet and a selection of of trade cards and Blitz images £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   The Home Front Contains: Clothes Ration book, WAr Emergency leaflet, household leaflets, postcard images, chart of gases information, railing receipt plus trade cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
The RAF at War

Contains: New recruits booklet, Air Mail magazine, instructions in case of capture, clothing ration ticket, 1943 Xmas menu, Air combat report, RAF pass and a selection of trade cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   Home Guard

Contains: Training booklet, Officer's Mess rule book, `Modern World` magazine, information circulars, miscellaneous papers, recruitment flyer, Armistice Night programme, selection of postcards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
Children's War Contains: Childrens newspaper, Boys Own magazine, Evacuation poster, information leaflet, school essay, variety of paperwork, food recipes, and miscellaneous images £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   Women's War Contains: Life in the WRNS booklet, Home Companion magazine, hand written letter, personal ephemera, Land Army flyer, wartime recipes, A Womans Place pamphlet, WAAF leaflet and various images £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
War at Sea Contains: Booklet relating to the importance of naval night vision, a guide for 'rookie' sailors, "Convoy" weekly bulletin, propaganda leaflets, "The might of the Navy" booklet, distressing wartime telegram, miscellaneous paperwork plus a collection of trade cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)   Yanks Yank Weekly magazine, A short guide to Great Britain booklet, US Red Cross newsletters, variety of passes and ID, hand written letter from an American Serviceman, dance invitation plus miscellaneous cards and images. £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)
Seaside Holidays Contains: Holiday camp pamphlets, hotel leaflets, entertainment programme, boxing flyer, railway handbill and a selection of postcards and trade cards £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)  Victorian Entertainment Contains: Theatre programmes,freak show adverts, circus poster, execution handbill, boxing flyer, railway handbill, Crystal Palace booklet, miscellaneous ephemera and a selection of fascinating photographs and images £2.70 + apportionment VAT *)

Replica Newspapers

Trade price £1.75, RRP £3.50

Battle of Britain (min. order 10)

Contains: complete sixteen page replica of the Daily Sketch newspaper from June 19th 1940, outling the RAs offensive, London evacuation, What to do if Britain is invaded, that days radio listening as well as local adverts.
£1.90 standard rated)   Dunkirk (min. order 10)

Contains: 'Read all about it' complete replica of the Daily Express newspaper from May 31st 1940, when thousands of B.E.F. were safely brought home from Dunkirk. Photos, stories, adverts and lots of local as well as international news.
£1.90 standard rated)
The Blitz (min. order 10)

Complete replica of the Daily Sketch newspaper from August 29th 1940 when London was the target for German bombers.  Double page spread on the downing of a Heinkel, as well as local stories, adverts, etc.
£1.90 standard rated)   Britain Declares War (min. order 10)

Contains: a complete replica of the Daily Express newspaper from Sept. 4th 1939. Britain had declared war on Germany the previous day. Lots of important news such as bank closures and petrol rationing as well as everyday news, adverts and sport
£1.90 standard rated)
D-Day landings (min. order 10)

Contains: a complete twelve page replica of the evening Standard newspaper from June 6th 1944, reporting that more than 4000 ships and smaller craft had crossed the Channel to begin the invasion. Cinema listings and adverts.
£1.90 standard rated)   Coronation (min. order 10)

Contains: complete replica of the Evening Standard from 2nd June, 1953. Complete coverage of the big event with many photos of the Queen on her jorney from westminster Abby to Buckingham Palace plus cartoons, crosswords and adverts of the day.
£1.90 standard rated)
VE Day (min. order 10)

Complete replica of the Daily Sketch from 8th May 1945 when the King declared a 2 day Public Holiday to celebrate Victory in Europe. Photographs of famous london landmarks, plus world-wide news, adverts, cartoons and radio programmes of the day.
£1.90 standard rated)   Dambusters (min. order 10)

Daily Telegraph from 18th May 1943. The RAF blew up three key dams in the Ruhr Valley, engulfing bridges and power plants and inflicting industrial disaster on Germany. Adverts of the day and other wartime news.
£1.90 standard rated)
Outbreak of WW1 (min. order 10)

Daily News from 5th August 1914. Britain
declared war on Germany the previous evening.
Complete 8 page broadsheet paper covering
all the news of the day and more.
£1.90 standard rated)        

Miscellaneous Items
First World War Boxset

Trade Price £9.00 (standard rated) RRP £19.95

This sturdy box contains more than 30 items of hitherto unused WW1 memorabilia. The box dimensions are 220 x 160 x 41mm and the overall weight of the product is 560g. Contents include:
12 page full size newspaper - 20 page abridged version of "War News" magazine - 4 x double sided propaganda posters - 8 page "Wipers Times" magazine - this is how the Tommies pronounced "Ypres" and it was produced in the Trenches - Ration Book - Red Cross programme - Certificate of Exemption from the War - Secret Infantry Papers with map - 3 page hand written letter with envelope - Trench booklet (rules and regs. of Trench life) - Desertion papers inc. defence and prosecution statements - Fascinating typed letter describing "life in the Trenches"Selection of flyers - "Killed in Action" letter - A soldier's Pay Book - 10 x double sided postcards - 24 x trade cards - Recruitment and Munitions cards
Flying Scotsman Booklet (min. order of 10)

Trade Price £1.00 (zero rated)
RRP £1.85
64 page booklet detailing the 524 mile journey from King's Cross to Aberdeen
  Make Do and Mend Booklet (min. order of 10)

Trade Price £1.00 (zero rated)
RRP £2.00
32 page WWII booklet full of tips to mend and preserve clothes and household linen
With It Booklet (min. order of 10)

Trade Price £1.00 (zero rated)
RRP £1.85
Groovy 48 page booklet from 1963. All the latest trends for make up, pop music, hair styles, fashion and more.
  Child's I.D. Card (min. order 25)

Trade price £0.35
(standard rate) RRP £0.60
Replica WW2 junior I.D. Cards
Evacuation Tag (min. order 25)

Trade price £0.40
(standard rate) RRP £0.75
Replica of a WW2 childs evacution tag
Ration Book (min. order 25)

Trade price £0.50
(standard rate) RRP £0.95
Replica of a WW2 Ration Book
Puddings and Sweets Leaflet (min. order 25)

Trade price £0.35
(zero rated) RRP £0.60
WW2 food leaflet
  Wartime cookery booklet (min. order 25)

Trade price £0.65
(zero rated) RRP £1.10
Replica WW2 cookery booklet
How to keep well in Wartime (min. order 10)
Trade price £1.00 (zero rated)
RRP £1.95
24 page booklet giving advice on
how to keep healthy during wartime Britain
  What to do in any war-time emergency (min. order 10)
Trade price 80p (zero rated)
RRP £1.45
Pocket sized 28 page booklet with potentially
life saving list of do's and don'ts
When I join the Ranks booklet (min. order 25)

Trade price £0.85 (zero rated) RRP £1.45
Replica WW1 Army booklet
  Not to be carried in aircraft booklet (min. order 25)

Trade price £0.35
(standard rated) RRP £0.65
Replica WW2 aircraft booklet
WW1 Trench Orders booklet (min. order 10)

Trade price £1.00 (zero rated) RRP £1.75
Fascinating 12 page booklet detailing the rules and regulations of life in the trenches.
  Great War ID card (min. order 25)

Trade price £0.35
(standard rated) RRP £0.60
Replica Great War ID card
I-Spy on a Train Journey booklet (min. order 10)

I-Spy on a Train Journey booklet (min. order 10)
Trade price 85p (zero rated) RRP £1.65 Pocket sized 48 page booklet circa 1963 full of interesting observations and challenges.   Joining Up booklet (min. order 10)

 Trade price £1.00 (zero rated) RRP £2.00 Informative 64 page WW2 booklet, giving details of life in the Army, Navy and RAF.
WW1 3D Ruler (min. order 10)

Trade price £0.50 (standard rated)
RRP £1.35

3D Ruler with moving images from the Great War.
Reverse side shows  6" and 15cm markings
1970s 3D Ruler (min. order 10)

Trade price £0.50 (standard rated)
RRP £1.35

3D Ruler with moving images from the 1970s.
Reverse side shows  6" and 15cm markings

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